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Here at Cross Manufacturing, we’ve been working with steel projects for over 30 years.  That’s right , we’ve been family owned and operated. And we intend on staying that way.  

The reason that Cross Manufacturing evolved is based on my own experience keeping up some gravesites.  I wanted something better to set out, but have a way to change some of it up each year.I've purchased the "stirafoam" , easily spending 30-50.00 (although I never completely cared for the style).  However, the flowers on those tend to fade each year, so I'd have to toss it out and go purchase another the following year,  without really liking the choices or quality of them.  With our memorial crosses, you can replace the flowers each year without much effort and repeated cost,  but the cross will last many years. So although the flowers may fade, the cross always stands.

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We are certain our flowers, arrangements and gifts will meet your standards. If you have a particular design we haven't listed, we welcome your input for new arrangements or occasions for your cross.